Donation in Honor of Rabbi Friedman


$36 as a Thank you
$54 for Birthday wishes
$100 sponsors an email blast
$180 sponsors a blog post
$360 sponsors an article
$500 sponsors a newsletter
$750 sponsors a video
$5000 sponsors a chapter in the book
$50000 sponsors this year’s speaking tour
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Each and every one of you is so important to our community. In order to keep this community flourishing, we would like to ask you to help Rabbi Friedman continue to impact others and to be able to continue his holy work for another 70 years! You may not be aware but your support through even the smallest donation will help Rabbi Friedman keep the light of Torah shining and will help others to find happiness! Please consider giving us a donation as a special birthday gift to Rabbi Friedman – consider it your way to show Rabbi Friedman how much you enjoy his teachings. Your gift is very much appreciated. .