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Add Meaning to Your Life

By April 15, 2016 October 28th, 2020 Uncategorized

Including Jewish Wisdom and the mitzvahs in your life can, and will, add meaning to your life. It will enrich your life as a Jew. But, you may ask, what role can ancient wisdom play in your life as a modern person, a modern Jew? Plenty, that’s the great thing about wisdom; the words my age, the phrases come to sound archaic, but the message behind them is eternal. Rabbi Manis Friedman makes ancient wisdom accessible to the modern mind and helps you find purpose and clarity.
A large part of Rabbi Manis’ message centers around relationships, love, and service. He helps you answer the seminal questions about life and love, questions such as the following. “What does it mean to be a woman in Judaism, and to be a wife, a husband, a child, a parent?” What role can Judaism play in these essential roles we play in life? And “How can we bring meaning to our lives, in large things and small?”
You can access Rabbi Friedman’s wisdom, insight, and humor through his books and DVD’s, or by having him attend your event as a speaker. If you feel you are ready for personal coaching, you can also engage him as a personal life coach for you. He approaches sensitive subjects that we face in life with sensitivity and humor. You can have coaching sessions in person, in Crown Heights, NY or by telephone, whichever is most convenient for you. Visit our store to start your journey.

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