Chabad Is Judgmental

It’s no secret that Chabad has been incredibly successful. But how? What is it about Chabad that is so attractive to hundreds of thousand of people – Jews and non Jews –  all over the world? This is a question being asked by thinkers and philosophers as well as all kinds of organizations looking to better themselves.

One answer given is that while other orthodox Jewish groups are too judgmental, Chabad is not. Chabad – they say – is “Non-Judgmental.”

The problem with this theory is that Chabad is very judgmental! We have opinions about everything! Chabad will tell you what you may and may not eat, that you need a Mezuzah on your door, that you need Tefilin, all kinds of stuff! There is nothing that Chabad does not have a firmly held opinion about.

Chabad is an intellectual movement going back 250 years, and after all those years of deep study and contemplation, we have come to the firm judgement that every single person is necessary. No one is unimportant. If you exist, it means that there is something God needs that only you can give.

That’s why we value every individual. That’s why we care about you no matter who you are. It’s because we are so judgmental.

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