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Coaching with master teacher and counselor- Rabbi Manis Friedman

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Rabbi Manis Friedman brings a timeless approach based on a true understanding of both our core human and spiritual natures.

With his unique approach, Rabbi Friedman’s wisdom has proven to be the answer in many cases where years of conventional therapy was not effective.

“Rabbi Friedman brings down what are normally complex ideas to a place where I can understand them quickly and then I can do something about it immediately. – I don’t know any other human being who can do this so well. He has helped my wife and me become better spouses and parents in ways that we can only marvel at.”

Marriage Counseling

Rabbi Manis Friedman is widely recognized for his thoughtful approach to almost every major issue that plagues society.

An internationally sought-after speaker, author, and expert on the topics of love, marriage, and intimacy for over 40 years, Rabbi Friedman has helped thousands of people regain balance in their lives through the age-old wisdom of the Torah.

Rabbi Yossi Friedman is the eldest son of Rabbi Manis Friedman. He serves as a Chabad rabbi in Birmingham, AL.

For over 25 years, Rabbi Yossi Friedman has guided family members, friends, and community members on their emotional and spiritual journeys, specializing in marriage counseling, with the depth and wisdom inherited from his father.

It gives me great pleasure to report how meaningful my coaching session with Rabbi Friedman was this afternoon! I am so grateful to be among his myriad supporters, the recipients of his wisdom, insight and articulate analysis of “all things Jewish and all things holy” He put my mind at ease on issues that had been dampening my simchas hachayim for some time now. It has been said that there is no greater joy than the resolution of doubt. I feel like a new person who has just been given exactly that.

Thank you, Rabbi Friedman and the amazing “It’s Good To Know” team.

Rivka Goldstein is a certified Emotionally Focused Therapist.

EFT is the gold standard for individual, couple and family therapy by the American Psychological Association. A graduate of Harvard University, Rivka is an expert in the field of relationships where she helps men and women navigate the world of Dating and Marriage through Torah lenses.

Rivka also teaches Writing for Healing at the Chaya Aydel Seminary in Hallandale, FL. She is the author of the best selling book, Creating a Life That Matters which she wrote based on the teachings and wisdom of Rabbi Manis Friedman. Rivka has published many articles on relationships and is a popular speaker on the topic.

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