Don’t Work Too Hard

A Rabbi asked one of his congregants “do you have time to study Torah?”

“No,” said the congregant.

“Why?” asked the Rabbi.

“I need to make money to send my kid to school!” said the man.

“You know,” said the Rabbi, “everyone I talk to tells me the same thing, and I don’t understand, who is this kid everyone is trying to send to school?? And when that kid grows up, is he going to tell me that he can’t study Torah because he has to send his kid in Yeshiva??”

We need to work to earn our livelihood, but if we work so hard that we don’t have time to live, what’s the point of working?

When we come home, its not to rest up and prepare for another day of work, its because we spent the day working so that we can come home.

We need to remember what we work for. We work so that we can live, not the other way around.

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