Equality and Morality: What’s The Difference?

In the West, including in the United States and Israel, the idea that all people are equal has replaced morality. Equality has become a substitute for morality. If I really believed that somebody was inferior I would abuse them; if I think I’m stronger I’m gonna beat you up. If I think I’m smarter, I’m gonna play games with you. If I think I’m richer then I take all the privileges. I think I’m better, I’m going to be immoral so I better not think I’m better. We must all be equal because if not, why wouldn’t superior people use their advantages to abuse and oppress the inferior? We all must love each other, because if not, why wouldn’t we hurt the people we hate?

Morality, straight from the Torah, says that the rich may not take advantage of the poor, the strong may not beat up the weak – that’s morality. Morality means you have an advantage – don’t use it against others. But to think nobody has an advantage, that we’re all the same and equal, isn’t true and isn’t better than morality.

What’s wrong with knowing that you can hurt somebody but you’re not allowed to?

That’s the difference between socialism and democracy. Socialism says we all have to be equal because if we’re not equal there’s gonna be misbehavior; give everybody exactly the same and nobody will steal because there’ll be nothing to steal. That’s not morality, that’s just moral laziness.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion no matter how hateful and odious, but just because you hate me doesn’t mean you are entitled to hurt me. Morality means: Thou shalt not kill the people you hate.

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