For The Love of God

We are supposed to love god with all of our hearts. But is loving god possible? Is God lovable?

We are told that what took place at Mount Sinai was that God revealed himself. But what does that mean? Everyone already knew there was a God. Adam and Eve, Avraham, and others even spoke to God. So what was revealed at Mount Sinai that we didn’t know before?

Before Sinai, we knew there was a God, but we had no idea what he was. We had no idea that he cared. We had no idea that it bothers him if we do certain things and pleases him greatly if we do other things. God bared his soul at Mount Sinai. He showed us his innermost self.

The most romantic and dramatic phrase are the first words of the ten commandments: “I am god your god.” God was saying “I am yours. I identify with you, I belong to you. I’m yours!”

We have been studying that line for thousands of years, and the message is quite clear: God desperately needs us. He created the world because he needs us. He’s been begging all these years “be mine!”

So is god lovable.

If God reaches out to us and initiates a relationship and says “please be mine” how could you not love him?

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