Going To Heaven

In religion, much is made of going to Heaven. To many, death is the ultimate joy, because then we go to that wonderful place.

But in truth, desiring Heaven may not be that smart,

God, who is in Heaven, wants to come down to earth, so why should we want to go to Heaven?

God created the world because he wants to live on earth, not in Heaven. It is our mission to make the world a place where God feels comfortable.

To spend our lives looking to Heaven is missing the point. The Souls of our ancestors who now sit there in Heaven are waiting for us to fulfill our mission so that they too can come back to earth.

The Souls in Heaven envy us because we can do, while they can only live a pleasure filled but passive existence. Heaven has all the pleasure, but we have all the action. We have a divine mission. We have a purpose. And since we are fulfilling God’s ultimate desire, we have God!



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