How to Daven for Your Shidduch

Many women have complained to me: “I don’t know why G-d doesn’t answer me! I keep praying and pleading and crying to meet a guy and nothing happens.”

Oh really, G-d doesn’t answer? Do you mean to tell me that you have never met a guy before?


We need to be more careful with how we speak to G-d.

True, He knows what is in our hearts, but we need to be more mindful of what we say to Him. When we pray we should be a little more conscious about what it is we are asking for.

When you pray to find a shidduch (marriage partner), you need to be specific. Don’t simply ask to meet a “man” or a “woman.” Ask G-d to introduce you to your husband or your wife.

And don’t just ask to meet your spouse. What good is it to only meet someone? You want to be married to your spouse.

And not only married, but settled with a family. That’s how you should pray when seeking a shidduch.


I’m reminded of the following story:

A man complained to his rabbi that he doesn’t have enough money.

‘You have to trust in G-d!’ urged his rabbi.

‘I keep praying and asking G-d!’ the man protested.

‘What exactly do you ask for?” the rabbi asked.

‘I ask G-d to find me a job!” replied the man.


The man in the story didn’t want a job. He wanted to be rich! If he had only just said so, perhaps G-d would have granted Him his prayer.

We need to work on being honest with G-d. When you pray, just be straight with Him. Don’t be afraid to be blunt. Tell Him the truth.

Don’t ask to meet a man – not even a certain kind of man. Ask to get married to your husband. You’re not a character in a romance novel. You are a Jew who wants to build a home and a life with the other half of your soul.

So, stop wasting your time trying to meet guys. Cut to the chase and ask G-d to give you exactly what you need.

Ask Him to get you married to your spouse.


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