4-Part Online Webinar for Men and Women on Dating and Preparing for Marriage



  • What the world gets wrong about marriage
  • Mistakes to avoid in your approach to marriage
  • The right attitude when going into the stage of marriage



  • How much do you leave to faith and how much do you take responsibility for?
  • Making lists; is it a good idea?
  • What you need to know about yourself before dating
  • Appropriate / inappropriate topics of conversation
  • The role of the Shadchan during dating
  • And more...



  • How do you know it’s right?
  • What’s with all the broken engagements?
  • What is a good reason to say no?
  • How to define “cold feet?”


Bonus Q and A Session with Rabbi Manis Friedman

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Starting Sunday, January 10th at 8pm EST!

Join Rabbi Manis Friedman for a special, 4-part webinar for Kallahs and married women

Take the mystery out of the most important things you’ll ever do as a married woman. You’re so busy BEING married, come learn what marriage IS! Join Rabbi Friedman and:

  • Gain the tools you need to make your marriage work
  • Learn the deepest definition of your role as a wife
  • You owe it to your children and your husband, but most importantly, to yourself
  • All classes will be recorded

Happiness comes from clarity. Get clarity on the meaning of marriage and your role as a wife with this special webinar broken down into the following parts:

Sunday, 1/10, 8pm EST – Part 1: The Theory
  • Remove the modern “software” and replace it with the oldest, most reliable “marriage operating system.”
  • If I am married to myself, how do I fit my husband into this marriage?  The (not so obvious) connection between husband & Mashpia and wife & Mekabel. What are the (negative) effects of the Mekabel becoming the Mashpia?
  • How much of our marriage is focused on my needs and my wants? For my husband to be a Mashpia, am I required to be Mekabel? Is that welcome news or unwelcome news?
Monday, 1/11, 8pm EST – Part 2: The Practical
  • The key to success for the Mekabel IS the Mashpia.
  • To be intimate is to get out of MYSELF.
  • What role does the “physical” play in intimacy?
  • Practical steps to remove the tainted picture of “secular/selfish-influenced intimacy” and replace it with a Torah true relationship.
Tuesday, 1/12, 8pm EST – Part 3: The Results
  • Parenting begins long before you think it does! The way you approach intimacy will affect your children.
  • How to welcome a baby/Neshama into this world properly.
  • What about the “unborn Neshamos?” Intimacy every a Neshama somewhere every time.
  • Practical steps for raising the level of Kedusha in your most private and holy part of your marriage.
Wednesday, 1/13, 8pm EST – Part 4: Question & Answer Session
  • Rabbi Friedman will be welcoming questions from participants
See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!
“Before I took Rabbi Friedman’s course on intimacy, I thought I knew everything there was to know about sex and intimacy. All I can say is WOW! Was I wrong! This was a very challenging and powerful course that helped me to retrain my perspective on what sex is, and what intimacy is, and how they can hurt or help a marriage. I recommend this class to ALL married women!”
“I took the intimacy course just because I was curious. My marriage was comfortable, but we were more like roommates who got along well instead of a husband and wife that were deeply in love. Little did I know how much my marriage was about to improve! Rabbi Friedman helped me discover the missing ingredient in my marriage, which was intimacy. AND, he helped me use that information to transform my marriage into the deep, loving relationship that it should have been all along. Thank you, Rabbi Friedman!”