Is There A Silver Lining In All This?

When we look back just two months ago, the reality that we were living with which we considered normal is that you got to get out of the house. we got to get away from the kids. we got to get them out of the house and we got to get away from each other – don’t spend so much time together. And then when we went to work you called it making a living  – we weren’t making a living we were escaping from life. 

Now we have had time to reflect on things and we’ve discovered much to our amazement that you can live without shopping. You can live without entertainment. You can live without travel, you can even live without going to work and without sending kids to school. Because all of that is just commentary. Life is at home. Life is family. Life is your purpose in the world. We found out where life really takes place. We found out that there’s no need to run from your family. We found out that the individual actually counts.

The future’s got to be a lot better than the past  because it has to compensate for all the pain. This can’t be for nothing. We have discovered life is not here for us – for us to satisfy our needs. Satisfying your need is not the goal and if you don’t satisfy all your needs you have not failed because that is not our purpose. Our purpose is to serve the creator who created a very low world that needs a lot of attention and a lot of fixing. That’s what we’ve been doing and that’s what we will continue to do until the world becomes holier than heaven, from the lowest from the worst to the best. Because when you turn darkness into light, when you turn the bitter into sweet, then the sweet is intensely sweet and the light is pure light. The moral antidote to fighting off a virus is to not let them interfere with your life. The only response is more enthusiasm for life. A person who is completely alive in every part of his body is immune to the virus..

To survive hardships like this one, you have to live your life as if nothing wrong has ever happened. This is your purpose, the mission. the reason your soul came down to earth. We now know a micro mitzvah can fix the entire world much more than a micro virus can destroy the world. Our micro mitzvahs are going to overcome the micro viruses, and we’re going to come out healthier, stronger, wiser and certainly more mature because of this. The world is going to be a much better world – and that’s not a silver lining, that’s pure gold

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