Making Sense of Men and Women

What does Torah’s Story of Creation tell us about the nature of Male-female relations?
How is it different from the modern attitude?
The common way of understanding relationships today is that Men and Women are attracted to each other because of a biological need to procreate and reproduce. That, according to them, is the nature of sexuality.
But this is hard to accept, since sexuality is not necessarily gender based. Sexuality exists outside just men and women.
The Torah tells us a different story. God created the human both male and female, he then split the human in two and commanded them to reunite.
The reason men and women are attracted to each other is because one is incomplete without the other.
This is how we should look at relationships. Not that man are from mars and women from Venus, yet we seek each other out of biological necessity. We seek each other because it is our nature to be one. We come from each other.
We may be male or female, but our present state is unnatural. Naturally, we are one, male and female together.
Marriage is not about sacrifice, its who we are.

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