No Matter What You Do, God Will Always Need You.

What does God need from us?

What can we offer him?
The answer: nothing. No “thing.” He just needs us.
God doesn’t need us for some “thing.” We are not the means to an end. We are what he wants. He doesn’t need us to gain anything, because he can’t gain anything, he is God!
God created the world so that we would exist with him. Why? So that we would exist with him!
The same thing exists in a real marriage. One doesn’t marry the other for some “thing,” as a means to an end. Having each other is the end.
If God doesn’t need anything from us, and just needs us, when we are unavailable to him, it doesn’t make him need us and want us less, it makes him want us and need us more!
This is why, in Judaism, we are never doomed. No matter what we do, no matter how many times or how deeply we distance ourselves from God, God still needs us.

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