Empower Pesach Celebrations Worldwide: Sponsor 'A Take on Pesach' Guide

As we prepare for Pesach (Passover), we have an extraordinary opportunity to spread awareness of this holiday to people around the globe. This year, we are proud to introduce “A Take on Pesach,” a comprehensive guide designed to enlighten and inspire.

“A Take on Pesach” delves into the true meaning of Freedom according to Jewish tradition, offering thought-provoking insights and enriching the seder experience for all. While the Torah, the Haggadah, and the word of G-d should always remain priceless, the reality of creating and distributing this invaluable resource requires your generous support.

By contributing to this not-for-profit initiative, you will play a crucial role in bringing countless individuals closer to G-d. In a world where connection and understanding are more important than ever, your sponsorship will help make this wisdom accessible to all, free of charge.

A special message from Rabbi Manis Friedman:


Become a Sponsor Today: Help Us Reach Our $10,000 Goal

Your generosity will ensure that the “A Take on Pesach” guide reaches every corner of the world. By offering various sponsorship levels, you have the chance to contribute in a way that reflects your commitment to this cause:

  • Gold Sponsors ($720): Full-page listing in the guide
  • Silver Sponsors ($360): Half-page listing in the guide
  • Bronze Sponsors ($180): Tribute listing in the guide
  • Supporters (Any amount below $180): Name listed in the guide

Make a sponsorship or tribute in honor or memory of someone special. With your help, we can make this Pesach a truly transformative experience for people worldwide.

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