Dating Course 2020


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4-Part Online Webinar for Bochurim and Girls on Dating and Preparing for Marriage



Recordings included in this course:

Call 1 – Marriage

  • What the world gets wrong about marriage
  • Mistakes to avoid in your approach to marriage
  • The right attitude when going into the stage of marriage

Call 2 – Dating

  • How much do you leave to faith and how much do you take responsibility for?
  • Making lists; is it a good idea?
  • What you need to know about yourself before dating
  • Appropriate / inappropriate topics of conversation
  • The role of the Shadchan during dating
  • And more……

Call 3 – Engagement

  • How do you know it’s right?
  • What’s with all the broken engagements?
  • What is a good reason to say no?
  • How to define “cold feet?”

Call 4 –  Bonus Q and A Session with Rabbi Manis Friedman