Doesn’t Anyone Blush Anymore


Table of Contents

  • Have a Little Respect for Privacy
  • Who Deserves Better?
  • Taking Someone Else Seriously
  • What Does “Happily Ever After” Really Mean?
  • So You Want to Be a Nice Person?
  • Don’t Take Yourself Seriously
  • Surrender and Responsibility
  • Are You Afraid to Surrender?
  • When It’s Healthy to Say “No”
  • A “New” Perspective on Dating
  • Your Honeymoon Should Never End
  • Are You Thriving, or Just Surviving?
  • “Do You Know Where You Belong?”
  • Creating a Sane Environment
  • When Saying “No” Can Be Deadly
  • Why Doesn’t Anyone Blush Anymore?

The central theme of this book is modesty, a notion so simple and common that most of us would dismiss it as irrelevant to our daily lives. But Rabbi Manis Friedman asks us to look again. And as we do he explains, clearly and succinctly, how modesty can become a powerful tool for change.

Gently and with humor, Rabbi Friedman helps us redirect our thinking about sexuality and refocus our ideas about intimacy. In so doing, he moves us toward a truer understanding of ourselves and how we can cope with the changing world around us.

Not since “The Art of Loving” by Erich Fromm has there been a book this powerful and universal – on Love, Marriage, and the art of intimacy.

“If a copy of Friedman’s remarkable book could be presented to every young American on reaching a marriageable age, millions would escape the anguish of divorce, failed relationships, and marital strife.”
Don Feder
The Boston Herald

“Anyone who is either married or thinking of getting married would do well to read this book.”
Bob Dylan

“Every page is valuable… Gentle, sensitive, wise and sometimes crack-up funny.”
The Phoenix