Intimacy for Men’s Course


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Men’s Course for Married Men

a 4-part tele-seminar with Rabbi Manis Friedman

The Recordings will be sent as soon as you purchase the course.


Listen to Rabbi Friedman discuss the importance and vital necessity of this course.

Why join this course?

  • Take the mystery out of the most important thing you’ll ever do as a married man.
  • Learn the deepest, most powerful definition of your role as a husband.
  • You need the tools to make your marriage work!
  • You are busy being “married,” come learn what “marriage” is!
  • You owe it to yourself, your wife and your children!
  • In the “old country” this was common knowledge; now it is all but forgotten. Find out what guided our ancestors!
  • Happiness comes from clarity. Get clarity on the meaning of marriage and your role as a husband!
  • Rabbi Friedman teaches Torah, not pop psychology!
  • You are new to marriage, avoid the anguish and make it good from the start!
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee!