Parenting for All Ages


Parenting is a life-long commitment. How is it working for you?

Join Rabbi Manis Friedman to explore a refreshing and extremely human view of your role as the Father/Mother in your family.

Rabbi Friedman draws on over four decades of guiding parents to happier, healthier and Nachasdik parent/child relationships.

His real-life anecdotes and scenarios will give you the best of the theory and the practice of a truly amazing and enjoyable parenting experience, every day of your Totty/Mommy life.

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Course Outline

Part 1 – What they need from us the most: Security, discipline, and direction
Part 2 – What they know more than you do: Today’s precocious kids
Part 3 – Explaining G-d to children: Making them proud of their Jewishness
Part 4 – Q&A Session – Recorded