Perplexed No More


Total Running Time 11 hours 2:55

1. Perplexed No More!
2. How Not to Believe
3. How Important Can We Be?
4. Where Have All The Prophets Gone?
5. Guard Your Tongue
6. The Mezuzah is Special
7. To Morality and Beyond
8. Through and Through a Jew
9. How does G-d Feel?
10. Three Words Say It All
11. After Three Comes Four
12. Can a Body Live Forever
13. The Elements of Holiness
14. What the World Could Be

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Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon, Torah sage, philosopher, doctor and mystic, has, more than other great sages, shaped our beliefs (Thirteen Principles of Faith) informed our understanding of halacha (Mishneh Torah), guided our thinking on Jewish Philosophy (Guide to the Perplexed), and nurtured the Jews’ crisis of faith ( Igeret Tehman).

What is less known is Rambam’s mystical knowledge which he carefully conceals in his writings. The Lubavitcher Rebbe brought Rambam to new prominence, endearing him to innumerable thousands who study Rambam daily some 900 years after his birth. Presented here is a series of insights into the brilliance of Rambam culled from the works of the Rebbe.

What is hidden between the lines of the pivotal halachic and philosophical works of the Rambam, Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon? Mystical knowledge. The Lubavitcher Rebbe methodically revealed the secrets of the soul concealed within the Rambam’s writings. Join this year’s Tape/CD of the month club and enjoy Rabbi Manis Friedman’s explanations of these teachings on creation, the Jewish psyche, the fate of the world, the coming of Moshiach, true tzedaka, teshuva and more.

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