HaShem Needs You!


Part #1:

To Know HaShem
  • When Emunah is not sufficient
  • Getting to KNOW HaShem
  • Is Yiddishkeit a reward and punishment system?
  • The question you should ask!
  • HaShem has a real NEED, not a handicap

Part #2: 

To Love HaShem
  • Love is a tool of connection
  • There is no love without vulnerability
  • Having needs vs. being needy
  • It’s about HaShem, NOT me!
  • The first contact between HaShem and a Yid

Part #3: 

To be in a relationship with HaShem
  • We know HaShem has needs, what are they?
  • The ultimate purpose of all of creation
  • Mitzvahs – what HaShem does and does not like
  • The purpose of life is the purpose of the creator
  • Refresh your enthusiasm in Yiddishkeit!



  • Answering questions that have come up throughout the presentation of this course. 

This course is presented by

Rabbi Manis Friedman with commentary from Rabbi Shais Taub of Ami Magazine

Rabbi Manis Freedman-9000-Edit

Shais Hi-Res copy

Being a Frum Yid, how important is it to KNOW and UNDERSTAND HaShem? Why Is Emunah not enough?

Can you explain your belief in HaShem in clear simple terms? 

The “HaShem Needs You” course speaks to the core of Jewish belief, posing and answering the questions that many are afraid to ask, and even fewer know how to answer.

The understanding that this course delivers motivates on the deepest levels. This course  has direct impact on people’s connection with HaShem and inspires newfound commitment to the study of Torah and the fulfillment of Mitzvos.  Yiddishkeit cannot just be about avoiding punishment and building up the reward bank. The course does away with serving HaShem out of fear of punishment and puts the concepts of reward and punishment into proper and positive context.

Rabbi Friedman believes this topic is a must. He has seen its impact and believes it is required learning material across the board. We need to KNOW HaShem in order to have a proper Yid/HaShem relationship. We need to understand it, explain it, and above all, act upon it!

This course is a must! Everyone stands to gain – from the beginner student to the learned scholar.

This course comes with 2 Great Bonuses!

  1. Worksheets to help you make the most of the course
  2. A short ebook taken from the teachings of Rabbi Friedman on the topic of “Hashem”