The Rest of the Story


16 tracks on a 10 CD set

Total Running Time: 9 hours 16:34

1. Two Holy Men and a Tartar
2. Moshe- Our Teacher
3. He Said and There Was
4. Spy vs Spy
5. The Czar Visits the King
6. The Story of Water
7. Women and Torah
8. The Miser of the Town
9. The Crowns of Royalty
10. He Would Not Bow
11. In the Village of Che
12. The Purim Story
13. A Prince in Prison
14. Let’s Talk Business
15. Joseph the Wagon Driver
16. Broad Shoulders

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A collection of stories that speak to the soul from the Torah, the Talmud and Chassidic Sources

Every story tells a story. The memory and record of an event deserves the title “story” only if it tells what life is all about and how life should be lived.

When the values we believe in appear to us in a concrete form of a real life event – that is a story!


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