What Non-Jews Can Learn from Judaism in Times of Turmoil


In the 4th session, Rabbi Friedman responds to questions on the topic posed by our audience. Don’t miss it!

An important message for believers of any faith.

In this fascinating and engaging four-part online course, you’ll Join Rabbi Manis Friedman as he explores the universal, non-denominational truths that you can learn from Judaism—and how to apply them in your life, even though you’re not Jewish.

Rabbi Friedman discusses:

  • Why and how you should honor your parents. (And no, it’s not because you love them.)
  • The seven different levels of charity—and which one you should be practicing.
  • How to raise good kids in a world “gone bad.” (Hint: they need “Vitamin N.”)
  • Why marriage still matters in the 21st century, and how you can improve yours.
  • What’s in store for the future of religion—and why faith will prevail despite the skeptics.
  • What you need to know—no matter whether you’re a Muslim, Christian, Buddhist or Hindu—about the purpose of life on earth.
  • What will happen after you die—and what that means about how you choose to live.