You Are What You Believe


1. The View from Above
2. What do you Know about G-d?
3. Israel – Morality or Oranges
4. Miracles of Miracles
5. Do You Believe in Life after Life?
7. You Are What You Eat
7. Them Bones Will Rise Again
8. In G-d We Trust
9. Man – What art Thou? 
10. How the Universe Began
11. The Matzoh of Faith
12. Equality
13. The Jew in You

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The Elements of Jewish Faith

Today more than ever, we need to get our articles of faith in order. We are surrounded by loud claims of faith from dogmatic religions to fanatical secularism. Are all faith equal? Can a belief be wrong? What would you say if asked about your beliefs?

What you believe makes all the difference in the world. 

Knowledge may be acquired from life, from experience. But faith is bigger than life. It tells us what to make of our experiences.

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