Proof That God Likes You

One of the innovations of the Baal Shem Tov was that it can’t be that God created the world a long time ago and then left it, but that God must be creating the world constantly. Every millisecond the world stops existing and God must create it again.

It must be so because of simple logic: When a potter makes a pot out of clay, once he’s finished, he can walk away and the pot will remain. This is because he was working with preexisting material. But when something is made out of nothing, it’s existence must be constantly sustained.

It’s like that joke about the atheist who says to god “we don’t need you anymore, we can do whatever you do!” So God says “can you make a man out of dust like I did?” To this the Atheist says “yes!”, and picks up a handful of dirt to show God what he can do. But God interrupts and says “Wait! Go make your own dirt!”

in other words, even if we could make a man out of dust, we would have to use the dust that already exists.

But god created the world out of nothing, therefore he has to be creating it at every second. You can’t teach “nothing” how to exist, so if you force “nothing” exist with supernatural power, it’s all your power at work, and when your power leaves, the thing dies. The “nothing” doesn’t contribute at all. You’re the creator, you make it exist, and you have to keep making it exist. For example, if you throw a stone into the air it will fly, but will always fall back to the earth. This is because stones do not have the ability to fly, and will therefore stop flying as soon as the external force pushing it dies. Making something from nothing is like making a stone fly for an extended time; it must be forced to do so over and over.

According to the laws of nature, God must constantly create the world. But who made those laws?

God is the creator of all things and is certainly not bound by the laws of nature that he invented. So why would God create a world that needs to be created all the times?

The answer to this question is truly inspirational:

Of course, God could have done it that way, but he prefers this way. God prefers to be involved and engaged with us all the time, it’s his pleasure!

Sustaining us at all times means that we are constantly connected, and that is God’s ultimate joy.

In short, the reason God wrote the laws of nature in a way that forces him to constantly create you is because he likes you.

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