Shanah Tovah! Let Us Welcome 5776!

Over the past few hours, and upcoming days, as we travel down our Jewish paths, we will wave goodbye to 5775 in our rear view mirrors and say hello to 5776 as it stretches out in front of us. Each of us have a different path to follow, and we prepare in different ways, but the one thing we all have in common is our want, and need for Hashem to grant us health, happiness and prosperity in the upcoming year.

This can seem like a daunting desire. Why should Hashem forgive all the times we did not behave the way we should have? Why should G-d grant us yet another chance to be the people we want to be, do the things were meant to do, and expunge the mistakes that we make year after year?  When we think of all the ways we falter throughout the year, the yamin noraim and impending judgement can be scary.
Or we can choose to look at these days in the way that Rabbi Manis Friedman advices. Rabbi Friedman takes a closer look at the hassdic way to view Rosh Hashanah and the following days until Yom Kippur. Lets say for a moment that Hashem wants to forgive us, maybe even more than we need to be forgiven! Throughout the year, G-d decides. G-d provides for us, protects us, judges us, and decides. Rosh Hashanah, the culmination of the year, isn’t a threat. It’s more of a promise. G-d will continue to run the world in the way that he has for 5776 years! Life is not a jungle, it’s not a roll of the dice. G-d decides. it is the most comforting knowledge to bring in to the new year.
So as we bake out round challahs, and cut our apples to dip and honey, and as we head out to shul to daven with our family and neighbors and friends, we can take comfort in the knowledge that G-d wants to provide for his people. He wants to protect us and give us what we need so that we can continue to bring his godliness in to this world with joy and enthusiasm.
Shanah Tovah V’Metukah to all!
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