Some Investing Advice…

It’s a great feeling to know that your money is working for you. I remember this old commercial when they first introduced dishwashing machines. It was of a woman relaxing on a recliner with the dishwasher running in the kitchen and she says “I’m doing my dishes!”

When you do a Mitzvah like, for example, saying the blessing on a cookie, what you are doing is giving a final divine purpose and fulfillment to so many things: the dough, the flour, and the water and the sugar and whatever it is that went into the cookie. All of it is now experiencing its elevation into the realm of godliness because it now has served the godly purpose. But even more than that, the flour came from a company, and now that company has participated in a Mitzvah and has been made holier. The farmer who grew the wheat, the tools he used to plow the field, the manufacturer of those tools, even the earth itself, has now produced godliness.

Everything that contributed to the existence of that cookie has now realized its potential godly purpose.

But when we give Tzedaka, they domino effect of holiness is even longer. It can change a person’s life and help him do all kinds of Mitzvahs, including giving Tzedaka to others. When you give Tzedaka, your money goes to work for you. You can sit back and say “I’m changing the world!”

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