Some Thoughts On The COVID-19 Lock-Down

Quarantine is making us live our lives, and it turns out it’s pretty enjoyable. People are pleasantly surprised that they like being home with their kids, and even more surprised that their kids like being home with them! Couples who were not getting along suddenly see each other in a different light because all they have is one another. 

This lockdown has made us think differently about the things we thought were essential to our lives. Before, we thought life was about shopping, entertainment, nightclubs, sporting events, and travel. Now we’re realizing that we can live without all of that – in fact, we are healthier and even happier without it. 

Where you live, where you’re locked down – that’s your life. Going to work, going for entertainment, going for travel, going for pleasure – that’s just commentary. That’s not life. 

Some people think that God is punishing us by keeping us home and not being able to go to Shul, say Kaddish, or do Yizkor. On the contrary, God is saying “you have a home, you have a family, you have a life – don’t run away from that or come to Shul or go to work or go out for entertainment. Life is where you live”. 

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