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Over 200 years ago, Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi authored a ground-breaking work that would come to be known as the foundational book of Chassidus.

It’s called the Tanya, and it’s studied by millions of Jews around the world every day


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on the essentials of learning Tanya.

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Rabbi Manis Friedman's Tayna Course

  • Rabbi Manis Friedman, one of the world’s leading teachers of Tanya, elegantly leads us through a deep study of Tanya.
  • Thousands of people have learned Tanya through Rabbi Friedman.
  • We’ve taken an entire year’s worth of learning and compiled it into 50 downloadable mp3’s.
  • Fascinating, deep, complex - these words are what would best describe Rabbi Friedman’s Tanya series.
  • Today only, in honor of the new world - wide cycle starting, we are offering this incredible class for just $100 (marked down from $215)
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Rabbi Manis Friedman’s 50+ hours
of Tanya teaching

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