The God we love. Because how could you not?

How can we love God?

At Sinai, we are told, God revealed himself. But what does that mean? We already knew there was a God! God had already revealed himself to Abraham, Isaac, Moses and others, and had shown himself to the whole world through the miracles performed at the exodus!

A revelation is when previously unknown information is made known, so what didn’t we know before Sinai that we only learned then, at the foot of the mountain?

We knew before Sinai that there was a God. But we didn’t know him.

We didn’t know what he was about, and what bothers him, we didn’t know that he cared about how we behave, and that things we do can give him infinite enjoyment.

In the first words of the ten commandments: “I am the lord your god,” God bared his soul to us, he told us that he is ours. What God told us was “I belong to you.”

The proper response to someone telling you “I am yours” is “and we are yours.”

After Sinai, how can we not love our God?

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