The Kabbalah of the Jew

There has always been a wide range of opinions of what exactly to make of Jews, from the Nazi’s YM”S hatred to evangelical Christians’ love. But the one thing they all seem to agree on, is that Jews don’t “fit in” with the rest, for better or for worse.

Jews are different somehow, and, depending on how you choose to interpret things, either really good or really bad.

The Tanya teaches us the truth about Jews, which is that, unlike everything else in existence, the Jewish soul is not a creation. The Jewish soul is a piece of God.

While creating the world, god invested a part of himself in creation in the form of the Jewish soul, like an artist who invests a part of himself in his work.

Everything that exists carries a soul, but the Jew carries a soul that is a piece of the Creator. Every Jew carries a piece of Creator inside of them. This is why it is our job to help god perfect our, god and the Jew’s, world.

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