The Reason God Needs You

God, we are told, is perfect, and therefore needs nothing.

But if so, why did God create the world?

If God is perfect and needs nothing, why did he make us?

The truth is God does need us, not because God is imperfect, which would be absurd, but because he is perfect.

How is this possible?

If a person has a perfect existence, why have a friend?
If a person has a perfect existence, why get married?

The reason a person who doesn’t need anything gets married or makes friends is because being perfect is pointless if you are alone.

We are made in the image of God.

The one thing God doesn’t have from his own perfection is another. God in all his infinite perfection is still alone. God is infinite, but its all him, no part of God’s infinity isn’t him, and so he is alone.

That is why God created us. He needs us in order not to be alone. He needs us to have togetherness. We are the purpose of creation.

After all, God himself wrote in the Torah: “Its not good… to be alone.”

Stay tuned for a book by Rabbi Friedman coming out in the next few months on this topic

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