The Truth About Antisemitism

How do we explain antisemitism?

Throughout all of history, it has been a constant reality. Hating Jews seems to be natural.
The essence of antisemitism is the friction between nature and the supernatural.
The laws of nature do not seem to govern Jews.
No matter what a Jew does, no matter where he is, he is still a Jew. We can leave our homeland for thousands of years and remain Jews.
If you believe in and practice Christianity, you are a Christian. If you believe in and practice Islam, you are a Muslim. Unless you’re a Jew.
If your’e a Jew, even if you believe in and practice another religion, you are still a jew.
In every country we’ve lived in, we have assimilated, we take their culture, their philosophy, even their religion. But even as we do, we are Jews practicing someone’s religion.
Jews do not abide by the laws of nature, and therefor, nothing of nature can destroy us.

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