The Ultimate Truth

How do we reach the ultimate truth?

We reach the ultimate truth by transcending the apparent truth.
The apparent truth is “I exist, I have needs.” And since I exist, I need to sustain myself, since I exist I need to eat, since I exist I need to sleep, since I exist I need a home etc.
Then psychology comes and tells us that not only do we have physical needs, we have psychological needs. We need love, we need acceptance and self esteem.
Then religion comes along and tells us that not only do we have mortal needs and psychological needs, we have religious needs, we need God to help us and protect us, and we have an afterlife to secure.
The needs pile up and every generation is needier than the last.
The ultimate truth is that God needs us more than we need anything.
All our needs are based the apparent truth that we exist and therefore have needs. But we don’t need ourselves to exist! We have no needs. God is the one who created us, he is the one who needs something.
Recognizing that we are not needy, brings us the ultimate liberation and joy, which is why Chassidim are happy people.

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