The Wrong Reason To Get Married

For the last 80 years or so people have decided to marry based on how much they love each other. But there’s a problem with that, because love and marriage do not “go together like a horse and carriage”. It’s not true.

If you’re not in love with marriage, if you’re not enamored with marriage, if you don’t believe in marriage, and you don’t want to be married, then don’t, no matter how much you love someone!

A couple came to me and said “we’re madly in love with each other, so we want to get married.” I said “but then it’s too late!”

The love came before the marriage, and that doesn’t work. You have to be committed to the idea of marriage before getting married.

So, if a man says to a woman, “you know marriage is not my thing. But now that I met you, and you are so fantastic, I’ll marry you!” she should not marry him. Don’t do it. There will be moments where he won’t think you’re that fantastic, so don’t put all the weight of the marriage on you being fantastic.

Marriage has to stand on its own merit.

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