There’s Nothin’ To It… Part II: Sophistication – Disintegration

Holiness is a state of harmony; oneness. Duality is unholy. Divisiveness is evil. Fragmentation is dead. Holiness has a cadence. So does life. The parts of life all flow together in harmony creating a seamless and therefore pleasant experience.

Sophistication has brought ruin to life. Because we are sophisticated we think physical contact between man and women is just polite (a hand shake) and not sexual. We also think sex need not be intimate (or meaningful), but that it can be casual; exploratory; recreational. We also think intimacy need not mean marriage: a meaningful relationship doesn’t have to be permanent. We then think marriage need not be a family; (married with children or married without children.) So, touch is not sexual, sex is not intimate, intimacy is not marriage, marriage is not children. Like pearls without a string, the precious parts of life never become a necklace; they don’t hang together.

But wait! There is more.

If touch is not sex, sex is not intimate, intimate is not marriage and marriage is not children, then… children doesn’t mean marriage and marriage doesn’t mean intimate. You can have a child without marriage and you can have a child without being intimate. But what kind of child can this create? A cute little thing that will resent you, hate itself and be bent on self destruction?

Holiness is life; cadence. Un-holiness is de-cadence! It breaks the rhythm; life decomposes into a series of good feelings. Moments of pleasure, not one of which ever reaches critical mass and together do not produce life. Soon they lose pleasure and become empty rituals with only a memory of joy, what follows is ennui, despair, Prozac, etc. To regain life, find the sanctity. Find the thread that brings it all together; the whole that is greater then the sum of its parts. That which is not a thing, that which turns things into life. It’s called intimacy. But enough already…


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