This Scares Me

There is a health hazard out there that isn’t getting enough attention. Loneliness. Or, rather, “aloneness.”

Aloneness is tragic.

The only true remedy for aloneness is marriage.

But today we are seeing something very scary: men and women, who are married, still feel alone in the world.

This is horrific, if marriage doesn’t fix that feeling, nothing can.

This is happening because we are forgetting how to connect with each other. We get too distracted by each other’s attributes, we fall in love with things about each other, but forget the person themselves.

The solution is intimacy. True intimacy means removing all distractions and external characteristics until there is nothing left but the husband and wife, together, and when that happens they can dissolve into each other and become one. And then, neither will ever feel alone, forever.


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