What Is My Purpose In Life?

We know that God created the world for a reason. We know that God created us for a reason. But why did God created me? There are a billion other people on this planet, but God felt that wasn’t enough, so he created me. Why? What specifically am I needed for?

To figure out what our purpose is, all we have to do is look around and ask “who needs me?”

First we look at our family: “Who needs me?” A wife? A parent? A child? A sibling?

There’s no point in trying to save the world if we aren’t taking care of the people who are closest to us. They, our spouses, children, family, are our main mission.

Then, and only then, we look at our community: “Who needs me?”

Then we widen the circle: “Who needs me in this city?”  “Who needs me in this country?”

Ultimately the question we must ask ourselves is: “What does God need from me?”

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