What is the Messiah going to do?

Traditionally, Messiah is thought of as our “savior.”
But G-d didn’t create us with problems so that someone else could come and fix them.
That wouldn’t make sense as a worthy goal for creation.
When this world becomes the way G-d wants it to be, the world will be even holier than heaven.
There won’t be any suffering, death or pain and this will last forever.
Today, we get excited about fixing things and helping worthy causes. We strive off helping others. Our mindset now is – if you’re already good, why bother getting better? But if you aren’t good yet, that’s a reason to get better.
What do we do once our purpose is already fulfilled and everything is good?
When everything around us is good, things get boring. Humans like the action and excitement of trying to change bad into good. We all wish we could do something that will change the world.
We are going to have to learn how to appreciate a world that’s already good and doesn’t need fixing.
Messiah is going to teach us how to appreciate this world in it’s G-dly, holy state of goodness, and go from good to even better.

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