What significance do we have in the eyes of God?

What significance do we have in the eyes of God? After all, His is the only opinion that really matters.
God gave us life. God gave us our existence. God continues to sustain and support us. Does that mean that we are significant? If God created us, then surely we must be important.
But the truth is, God giving us life doesn’t give us our ultimate importance, although it does give us some importance.
When someone gives a gift to another, they shows how important the other is to him/her. But when someone gives as a gift something which is already precious to them, that is the real compliment. They are showing the other that they are more important to them than something which is very precious to them.
What is most precious to God are the Mitzvot.
When God gives us life, he signals our importance to an extant. But when he gives us his precious Mitzvot, that is the real compliment. He is showing us that we are more dear to him than anything.

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