What’s “love” got to do with it?

Love is a feeling. Love doesn’t actually do anything.
If you treat someone with disrespect and then tell them that you love them, do you think that’s okay? Do you think they’ll actually feel loved and be content and happy?
Love doesn’t cover up your mistakes because it doesn’t actually do anything.
Treat your spouse with respect and your actions will show that you care for them and respect them.
When you do things for someone else, it might bring out a feeling of love for each other.
But it’s not about love. It’s about treating each other with respect and care.
If your spouse is sensitive to something, be on their side and show support in any way you can. We all have so many good qualities inside of us but how often do we get to actualize them? When you are married, every good quality that you possess is going to need to be used. You are going to have to give so much of yourself to your spouse.
When we resent that, we have the wrong idea of what marriage is.
Marriage is literally a G-dly idea. It’s not “two people fell in love and decided to get married.”
We get married because marriage is holy, right, and divine. Not because we “fell in love.”
You get married because of marriage. It doesn’t need the excuse of love.

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