Why God Doesn’t Want You To See Him

Why can’t we see God?

God is not a spiritual entity, like a thought, God is a very real being. In fact, God is more real than anything physical or spiritual. So why can’t we see him?
Some say, the reason we can’t see God is because we aren’t holy enough. The problem with that, is it implies that God is only in heaven, in holy, spiritual worlds, and not in our world.
It simply isn’t possible that God isn’t here, in our world. So why can’t we see him?
The reason we cannot see God is because he chooses not to be seen.
The reason God hides himself is because he wants us to get to know him for who he is, and not get distracted with his glory and beauty.
God tells us that if we saw him, we would become distracted with God’s greatness, and never bother trying to understand him for who he is, we’d never find out what God thinks, what he likes, what he hates, and what makes him uncomfortable.
God tells us that if we saw him, we would be excited and impressed by his image, but the relationship would be over.
Not only does God do this, he thinks we should do it too.

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