Why “Should” I Do Anything?

What do we mean when we say we “should” do something?

Why should we do something that goes against our nature?

Whats wrong with being the way God made us?

If it is in one’s nature to behave a certain way, why should he or she not behave that way?

“Religion” will tell us that we should behave the way God commands because if we do not, God will punish us severely. So “should” means, act this way or else…

People will tell us, “be nice or else no one will be your friend.” So “should” means “be nice” or else….

The truth is much better. If you were born for a certain purpose, and you don’t fulfill that purpose, then you have wasted your life. “Should” means doing what you are meant to do.

A Jew should keep Shabbat because that’s what a Jew is for. A non-Jew should help the poor because that’s what he or she is for.

A man should put on Tefilin because that’s his mission. A Woman should light Shabbat candles because that’s her mission.

After all, what we are created to do is who we are.

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