Why Should We Want To Go To Heaven, When God Wants To Come To Earth?

All religions throughout the world have one thing in common, they all are meant to serve the worshiper. Whether its to give the worshiper greater spiritual enlightenment or access to heaven, the purpose is the same. They use religion to extract favor from God.

But in the end, if the purpose of religion is for God to give us goodies, then who is serving whom? Is the purpose of God to serve us?

The purpose of Judaism is not to help us achieve something, the purpose of Judaism is for us to help God achieve something. After all, he created us.

What God intends to achieve, is a world where he can “fit in” comfortably. It is true that if we’re good, we go to heaven when we die, but getting to heaven is not the point.

When people say that a loved one who passed is “in a better place,” its only partially true, yes, heaven is a place were we experience the ultimate pleasures, but there is not where God is.

After all, why should we want to go to heaven, when God wants to come to earth?

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